3 Top College Essay Examples For Your Assistance

What is the College Essay?

It is a piece of writing that is used to put the ideas, emotions, and theories on any prompt. There’s a lot more to writing a college essay. It follows certain rules, format, structure, etc.

Format of College Essay:

While writing any college essay first of all we look at previous college essay examples. To learn how to write our own essays as well as possible is the goal. So, here is a format to make things easy for you:


It is not required to give the title to your essay. You can just start writing after research and brainstorming on the given prompt/topic.

Breakdown your essay in paragraphs:

A  better approach is to write your essay in different paragraphs.It doesn’t appear to be more than one or two paragraphs. Break it evenly in medium sized paragraphs according to the required length. You can dedicate each paragraph to start a new topic or idea about your prompt.

Number of Paragraphs:

There is no such rule for this. But a normal essay is usually 4-5 paragraphs long.It will be determined by your college’s requirements. Just make sure that the whole content of the essay is properly divided in medium sized paragraphs so that it will look readable. Normally, people find it boring to read long paragraphs. So be careful.

Material Of the Essay:

It is the main thing. You need to research well on your topic/prompt before writing the college essay. Then brainstorm your ideas and make a clear outline. Now you can start writing by following your outline. Another good thing is to add some quotes, proverbs or attractive hooks to grab the reader’s attention. It will also support your essay.

Length of the Essay:

The length should be given to you. The colleges give you the number of words in their requirements. Make sure to fulfil that length. Also, don’t overdo the given length of an essay.

Use Italic or Bold Fonts:

Yes, you can use the italics or bold fonts to emphasise on some important information. You can also put your quotes or proverbs in the italics or bold fonts. It is a great way to grab the attention of the reader. Make sure that text in italics or bold fonts will make a good impression. There should be no mistake in it.

Other Formattings:

Some other important formatting for college essays are:

  • Title page: Yes there should be a title page.
  • Margins: Normally it is 1 inch on all sides.
  • Spacing and Indentation: The most preferred is to justify your content and opt for asked spacing.
  • Font: It is 11-12 points and sets the font name according to the requirements.
  • Headings: Use headings feature for this with the required fonts and sizes for all headings (main and subheadings).
  • Page Numbers: it is necessary to add the page numbers.
  • Citations: It depends on the requirements, if asked put in appropriate formats you follow eg; APA, MLA, etc.

Note: the above formattings are not the same for every college essay. Never copy the formatting from college essay examples. Always use the ones mentioned in your essay prompt.

10 Tips to Make Your College Essay Standout

Here are 10 tips for you to write an extraordinary college essay to score good grades:

Imagine yourself as the reader:

This way you can write a better and engaging essay to keep a reader interested. Put the important facts and unique information regarding your topic in your college essays.

Write like a Pro!

Your first few lines should be irresistible. Use the hooks to grab the reader’s attention. Then write the content accordingly. The readers should to find it quite interesting.

Don’t just copy paste from the internet:

Only use the college essay examples for your knowledge and understanding. Never copy paste them. Write by yourself according to your thought process, emotions and information. Try to present it in a way you would love to hear.

Research thoroughly:

And put the new and interesting facts about your topic in your essay.It helps to keep the reader interested in your writing.

Make sure to answer the prompt completely:

Otherwise, your essay will be incomplete. Just focus on your subject and provide all pertinent details in your writing.

Use your emotions;

It is the best way to engage people. Tell them about your opinions and emotions regarding your topic. Also add any lessons you have learnt from that topic or regarding it.

Use the correct grammar and punctuation:

It can make a very negative impression, if you are doing silly grammar or punctuation mistakes. So, cross-check your content and make sure there is no such mistake. This can result in  a good grade.

Use a great vocabulary:

The use of new words also makes a good impression. So try to use some new words in your essay too, this will also increase your vocabulary.

Use of bold or italic fonts

Use bold or italic fonts in your essay, You can put some interesting information, any quote or proverb in italics or bold fonts. This will stand out and grab your attention. But make sure to keep it relevant.

Do proper formatting:

Last but not the least make sure to format your college essay according to the requirements.

How to Use any College Essay Examples

You can use the online or any previous college essay examples to make your essay more good. Hers is how;
Research for the essays on your topic. Make sure to only select the good ones from the top colleges. Also check the gradings if available. Now analyse the essay carefully. Check for all the important information o structure like:

  • No of words,
  • Hook,
  • No of paragraphs, writing style, 
  • Conclusion, etc.

All these will help you make a raft for your essay in your mind. You can also gain a lot of useful information on your topic/prompt.

Now just use it wisely in your essay.

2 Best College Essay Examples:

The Intersection of Your Mental Health and Social Media

Hey you scroll a lot, that’s enough now! Have you ever listened to the same via your elder siblings’ parents or maybe someone else? I bet you will say yes. We as teens now use social media much more than needed. I know this is a way of connectivity. It can help us connect with the world. It gives us a lot of information about what’s going on in the world, in our friends’ lives, etc.

Effects on human brains and eyesight

On the other hand it has some worse effects on human brains and eyesight for sure! Using too much social media takes up a lot of screen time which is no doubt bad for one’s eye health. Plus the social media develops a sort of loneliness feeling, anxiety among the people. The studies have shown that the excessive use of snapchat and instagram leaves people feeling depressed and anxious. The major behind this is the imaginary world where people try to show themselves at the perfect ones causing traumas for others.

Climate Change and the Youth’s Role in it:

Why is it so hot these years?It is obvious that the summers are getting hotter every year. It is all connected to climate change. The world is getting even more polluted with passing time. There is no clean and fresh air in the cities to breathe in. Every other person is suffering from skin diseases. What is it all about, obviously climate change.

what youth can do:

The point is what we youth can do in it?To ensure a sustainable future for ourselves, we must speak up. We should make sure that we in no way are spreading the extra pollution. We can even contribute by starting the change from within. Stop using transportation too much, when you can walk up to your destination. Stop using polythene, polluting water, and much more. Another big step is to create awareness among people.

These were some of the examples for you. They are not the complete essays but just the demo paragraphs to tell you about the starting, emotions, and writing style. So, just follow them and feel free to connect if you have any doubts!

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