Why Mr. Will

What are the determining factors when trying to decide which independent college advisor is right for you? Parents, students, schools, tutors, and psychologists and other professionals use Willgetyouin.com to help students gain the advantage in the college admissions process. We consistently exceed expectations by providing expertise to do the job right. We have narrowed down the top five ways that we are different than other independent college counselors.


Our U.S. and international students have gained admittance to all of the Ivy League schools, premiere institutions like MIT and Stanford, as well as hundreds of other colleges and universities around the nation. Additionally, we have a 100% success rate of placing students in four-year colleges. However, at Willgetyouin.com, we measure success by placing students in the school that is the best fit for them. Our success comes from helping students differentiate themselves by better understanding the schools in which they are applying, defining students’ exceptional talents, and demonstrating how they will be an asset to the schools. Our clientele is diverse, from valedictorians to students with all Cs. After targeting a student’s school list, the vast majority of our students get accepted to at least one of their top three school choices.

Experience and Team Approach

We understand that every student is unique. Each student and family has different priorities, preferences, goals, strengths and needs. And with over 4,500 colleges, not every college counselor can know everything about each school. Because of this, we opt for a holistic approach to advising. As a team, we all share the common goal of putting our clients’ needs first. We share resources on schools, admissions strategies and college contacts. By working together to identify your unique situation and objectives, MR. Will is distinctively capable of advising you on the most significant college issues you may face during your lifetime. Our general philosophy is that when our clients and prospective clients believe that our company is a good fit, everyone is happy.

High Ethical Standards

We assure all of our students, parents, community and business partners that we observe the highest legal and moral standards. Some practices we will not partake in include writing students’ essays, taking tests, changing transcripts or permitting lying on your applications or essays. We pride ourselves in telling our clients the truth and not making promises we can’t keep. Mr. Will is a longstanding member of HECA.