Who We Are

Willgetyouin.com was born out of the frustration that friends and family of Wil Jolicoeur, B.A. M.A., MDiv. (Mr. Will, known affectionately by his clients), the founder, experienced while trying to help their children navigate the often-confusing college admissions process.

As an expert with two Masters degrees from top universities, Mr. Will was the go-to person for assistance with reviewing college and scholarship applications, essay and resume writing, and targeting the best colleges to attend. As clients told their friends about their students’ college acceptances, Mr. Will decided to use his personal expertise and knowledge to start a business that helped students with the stressful process.

In 2001, Mr. Will founded Willgetyouin.com to provide expert strategies for admission to undergraduate colleges, graduate programs, business schools, law schools, and other postgraduate schools. Mr. Will’s first client gained acceptance into Harvard; since then, acceptances for his students to top universities around the world and he has helped over 1,100 students get into the schools of their dreams.

Willgetyouin.com has set a new standard in the college advising business through a personal, one-on-one approach. With competition for acceptance to colleges and universities at an all-time high, Mr. Will has found this to be the most effective way of maximizing a student’s potential. A one-on-one approach also allows Mr. Will to get to know each student; his or her strengths, weaknesses and passions; and his or her family. This holistic evaluation gives him the insight he needs to match individuals with the best possible schools. Mr. Will has visited over 100 colleges and universities. He has expertise working with students of all backgrounds including many Ivy League-bound students, student-athletes, fine art majors, international students, students with special needs and students who are the first one in their family to go to college.

Services for students include creating detailed plans for coursework and extracurricular activities; identifying colleges to which the student will consider applying and visiting; establishing test schedules and exploring test preparation strategies; preparing for interviews and campus visits; advising on essay and resume writing; reviewing, providing feedback and strengthening college applications; and exploring financial aid goals, strategies and options. Students typically start working with Willgetyouin.com around the 10th grade and onwards.

Willgetyouin.com constantly receives high marks from consumers, schools, and educators for expertise in meeting the needs of students who might not otherwise get into the best school for them. He has been featured in several media outlets including Prensa Libre, Gee Magazineand Viva La Manana TV Program.

Easy Communication

Mr. Will has an online presence that works one on one online via ZOOM with international students from around the world. Mr. Will is fully Canadian (born and raised) but speaks English and Spanish fluently. Mr. Will communicates with students and their families in English and in Spanish, depending on the client’s preference.

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