How to write a great admission essay?

How to write a great college admission essay?

After 20 years’ experience, I have heard countless times from students that high school administrations wrongly implement a “college essay” class:)

Spending a semester writing a 500-word admission essay is ridiculous and counter-productive. The essay then comes across as trite, forced, and overly worked on. But unfortunately, we all know the high school educational scene.

Mr. Will has a one great tip which is: it does not matter what question is asked but rather your perspective. If you try to think what an admission team “wants to hear” then your essay will “suck”. How about this perspective instead and ask yourself this question authentically?

If you were going to put a tattoo on your arm with the answer to the admission essay question visible for everyone to see, what experience, story, challenge, setback, or beauty in your life would you tattoo on your arm?

That answer should come to in less than 5 seconds or it is not the admission essay you want.

College admissions is not looking for an epic story but rather YOUR story that is the most significant for YOU.

I work with students from around the world on their admission essays and the admission results have been outstanding. When students choose to invest in quick, efficient, and quality admission essay coaching with me, they get into the colleges of their top choice!

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