What if I get waitlisted to college?

Being waitlisted by a college can be disappointing, but it’s not the end of the road. Here are some steps you can take if you find yourself in this situation:

  1. Understand the Waitlist Process: First, make sure you understand what being waitlisted means for that particular college. Typically, it means that the college has offered admission to more students than it has space for, and they’re waiting to see if admitted students decline their offers.
  2. Respond Promptly: If you’re given the option to accept a spot on the waitlist, do so promptly. Follow the instructions provided by the college to officially accept your place on the waitlist.
  3. Express Continued Interest: Let the admissions office know that you’re still very interested in attending their college. You can write a letter or email expressing your continued interest, reiterating why you believe you’re a good fit for the college, and providing any updates on achievements or activities since you submitted your application.
  4. Submit Additional Materials: Some colleges allow waitlisted students to submit additional materials, such as updated grades, awards, or letters of recommendation. If permitted, consider submitting any relevant information that strengthens your application.
  5. Consider Other Options: While you’re on the waitlist, it’s essential to explore other college options and potentially submit enrollment deposits to secure a spot elsewhere. Make sure you meet the deadlines for these deposits, but also be prepared to forfeit them if you’re ultimately accepted off the waitlist at your preferred college.
  6. Stay Positive and Flexible: Remember that being waitlisted doesn’t necessarily mean you won’t be admitted. Colleges often admit students from the waitlist as space becomes available, so stay positive and keep your options open. Be flexible and open to the possibility of attending another college if necessary.
  7. Plan for the Worst-Case Scenario: While hoping for the best, it’s also wise to prepare for the possibility that you may not be admitted off the waitlist. Have a backup plan in place, whether that means attending another college or taking a gap year to reapply to your preferred college or explore other opportunities.

Remember that college admissions can be unpredictable, and being waitlisted is a common part of the process. Stay proactive, keep your options open, and remain optimistic about your future educational opportunities.

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